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On this page you’ll find everything we’re doing in this season. Stay safe, join in and lets encounter God’s love in our homes.


Below is our ‘Updates’ blog – Thanks to everyone who is sending us their good news stories, pictures and encouragements. We’re collecting them together and posting them for everyone to read.

If you have a good news story or just want to post a picture of what church looks like where you are, get in touch.


Click on the images for our latest updates:

Wednesday Worship: Church Online

Each Wednesday night at 7.30pm we make space for our whole church family to gather online to encounter God together, with a time of worship, some encouragement from the Bible and an opportunity to connect together.

You can find the livestream on our YouTube channel and after each gathering the video is available in a playlist so you can connect at another time.

After each live stream we’re making space for you to receive prayer from our team – find the Zoom link and more details here.

Sunday Devotionals

Alongside Wednesday Worship we send out devotionals via email and social media every Sunday morning so that you can create time and space to encounter God.

If you’re not already following us on Facebook or Instagram now would be a great time to start. If you’re on ChurchSuite it would also be a good time to check your communication preferences under the My Details tab.

Click on the images for our latest devotionals:

Sundays With Jesus Culture

On Sundays you can also join our Jesus Culture family in Sacramento via, where they will be livestreaming gatherings at 5pm, 7pm and 9pm (UK time).

For Parents

Here are resources, teaching and other things to help you in this season. The content updates every week and our prayer is that this would be a time where your family can draw near to God together.

Latest Game Changers At Home sessions:

Most recent Early Years At Home sessions:


We will also be creating and curating resources for our amazing Youth and posting them here as regularly as we can. You will see links to blogs, resources and other relevant things here.

Vinelife Students

Last, but by no means least, our wonderful students. We’ll be communicating with you through the Vinelife Students Instagram account and encouraging you there. 

Whether you’re experiencing difficulties or opportunities, this is your digital prayer and testimony card! Help us to stand with you by sharing your prayer needs and your good news stories here.

If you normally give on a Sunday morning you can still do so at