We’ve been a church in the city for over three decades, and we’ve known God’s goodness and kindness leading us every step of the way since then! 


We love that we get to be a part of the wider Body of Christ in Manchester and across the world!

We’re so encouraged to be in a city where there are so many incredible churches, and we love our friendships with them. If you’re new to Manchester and looking for a church, you have a lot of great options!


We’re been part of the Jesus Culture family of churches, receiving ongoing support and encouragement from them.

We have also partnered with Jesus Culture in hosting our various Jesus Culture events here in Manchester and throughout the UK and Europe.


We are a member of the Evangelical Alliance, the largest and oldest body representing the UK’s  evangelical Christians. For more than 165 years, the EA has been bringing Christians together and helping them listen to, and be heard by, the government, media and society.